Frankie’s Sports Bar

Mission: Create a Sports Fan’s Destination

As the Frankie’s Sports Bar in Ft. Worth was prepping to open in the spring of 2011, it was eager to embrace the “fan favorite” reputation of its sister site uptown.

And what would a top sports bar be without superior audio and video entertainment options that can be tailored to its guests?

“When you walk into Frankie’s, one of the definite sandouts is the sheer number of displays located throughout the facility,” says Ta’Shan Nobriga, general manager for the Frankie’s at Sundance Square.

Action: Keep Them Coming Back for More

For Frankie’s main dining room, AVI-SPL implemented a Draper projection screen,  Christie Digital projector and Panasonic 50-inch HD flat screens. Throughout this area, Tannoy speakers carry audio for a 5,000-watt sound system.

“Customers rave about being able to sit anywhere in our establishment and have a perfect view of any game or event.” – Ta’Shan Nobriga, general manager, Frankie’s Sports Bar

AVI-SPL integrated an AMX control system that provide user-friendly options for Frankie’s staff in multiple areas of the building. To satisfy the guests’ need to comfortably watch a sporting event, our team carefully situated a variety of high-definition flat-panel screens.

Frankie’s audio is divided into 12 zones, with each able to carry a different feed so that guests have multiple options of entertainment available. Patrons can even keep track of the games in the restrooms, where 23-inch Samsung TVs are located behind the mirrors.

Impact: A Great View and Listening Experience — From Any Seat

Today, Frankie’s at Sundance boasts over 70 high-definition displays, ranging in size from 50 inches to 16 feet.

“It’s virtually impossible to miss the game — any game,” says Nobriga. “Even our restrooms come equipped with displays behind the mirrors.”

Patrons seated at the bar can choose from sports event options playing on nearly 20 displays in their immediate viewing area. The bartenders quickly get an overview of the current games from their Samsung display, which shows up to 16 previews of the DirecTV receivers.

The staff can also preview the video from any source using two 12-inch AMX touch panels.

“The AMX system has really been great for our Sky Box and party room areas,” notes Nobriga.

As for audio, the VIP Skybox area offers specialized audio programming that allows guests to adjust the volume for their private zone. And in the main restaurant, wireless speaker boxes allow patrons to hear any game at their table.

“Everyone really seems to be wide-eyed and impressed by all the technology we’ve brought into Frankie’s,” says Nobriga. “Customers rave about being able to sit anywhere in our establishment and have a perfect view of any game or event.”