Global Financial Services Firm

Mission: Make the Deadline

A global company that offers electronic trading and asset management services to financial institutions around the world needs to share content and collaborate with regional and overseas offices from its new headquarters in New York City.

Among the solutions the company wanted included a series of video conference-enabled rooms. AVI-SPL was given the go-ahead to outfit the conference rooms with the requisite collaborative technology, concurrent with the company’s relocation to its new NYC headquarters.

“We worked around the clock and paid close attention to the architecture of the space to address issues like acoustics.” – Steven Dubroff, account manager, AVI-SPL

“This was an A-class building with a tight deadline,” says Steven Dubroff, AVI-SPL account manager.

Action: Room Collaboration Systems Everywhere

Six conference rooms were equipped for presentations and video conferencing. Among the various items located in these rooms are twin Samsung displays, Polycom HDX 8000s, connections for laptops, Blu-ray players, and dedicated PCs. In one conference room, attendees can video conference using a Polycom HDX 6000 system, which sits on a portable cart. Two meeting rooms allow for audio conferencing via a Polycom SoundStation IP 7000, which connects to a Polycom codec for audio conferencing.

Presentations are also possible in a number of smaller meeting rooms, where connections allow presenters to share their media. Multiple dedicated spaces feature wall-mounted flat-panel displays that receive CATV feeds or can connect with laptop images.

“We worked around the clock and paid close attention to the architecture of the space to address issues like acoustics,” says Dubroff.

In keeping with the architect’s minimalist design, AVI-SPL centralized the majority of the equipment in the IT room and used digital media transceivers.

“With all the equipment located in a central rack location, our team incorporated sophisticated audiovisual systems while minimizing equipment in the conference rooms,” says Dubroff.

Impact: Meet and Collaborate in an Instant

The dual-screen setup in the conference rooms allows participants to share documents during a video conference. Any employee can control all the equipment in the conference rooms using Crestron wireless touch panels. Polycom video conferencing systems connect employees with other company offices, including multiple overseas locations such as London.