Parsons Corporation

Mission: Support for Video Communications

When organizations need to work through difficult logistical challenges, they turn to Parsons. Parsons is a multinational firm that provides engineering, construction, technical, and management services to government agencies and private industrial customers. With operations in the U.S., South America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, including rebuilding efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, Parsons required a partner that could keep its video communications network running reliably as they conduct business.

Action: Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Parsons first began deploying a handful of Cisco video conferencing endpoints in 2009 and used an external bridging service to make connections. By 2012 they had about 50 room-based video conferencing systems, 15 executive desktop systems, and more than 200 Cisco Jabber desktop video conferencing accounts.

“AVI-SPL solves problems, helps us do our jobs, and helps us look good to our clients.” – Mark McGinnis, IS audio video engineer, Parsons

To ensure Parsons’ video connections run reliably, AVI-SPL’s Global Help Desk provides an exclusive level of customer care support to Parsons to proactively monitor and maintain all of its video endpoints and meeting rooms. The Global Help Desk’s certified engineers offer 24/7 technical support for Parsons’ video communications. AVI-SPL works directly with Parsons’ internal support team of about 12 technicians to support the video network.

“AVI-SPL aims for a higher level of quality and support,” says Mark McGinnis, ‎IS Audio Video Engineer, Parsons. “They set a high bar.”

Impact: A World of Difference

For a global company like Parsons, effective communication can be a challenge. But a large deployment of video conferencing has made a world of a difference. Parsons uses their video conferencing systems daily to conduct job interviews, respond to RFPs and host executive meetings. Video conferencing allows their teams across the world to communicate easily and effectively without the time and cost traveling brings. For example, several of Parsons’ U.S. offices connected through video conferencing to the Saudi Royal Government to share their proposal for housing and city development. The presentation was a success due the virtual “in-person” pitch.

“We look to AVI-SPL as a technical consultant to Parsons,” says McGinnis. “We’re currently working with Cisco and AVI-SPL to strengthen our video network as we undergo a network migration. AVI-SPL solves problems, helps us do our jobs, and helps us look good to our clients.”