Revel Resort and Casino

Mission: Make the Opening

The Revel Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, N.J., is 47 stories of high-tech fun, relaxation and gaming. The $2.4 billion entertainment complex opened to the public over Memorial Day weekend of 2012.

Before its opening, however, AVI-SPL was tasked with installing permanent sound systems that would provide even coverage and fidelity at concert-quality levels to every seat in the house. Revel also wanted video systems that would complement the gaming experience.

“It’s nice to see the excitement that’s generated by the video and audio aspects. It’s pretty special to see the reaction of the audience.” – Pete Mashanik, lead video technician, Revel Resort and Casino

Action: A Cooperative Work Process

AVI-SPL worked simultaneously with two of the region’s largest electrical contractors to deliver an intimate performance venue with world-class audio systems and provide immersive audio and video systems for a 130,000-square-foot gaming and entertainment experience.

AVI-SPL began engineering in June 2011 and on-site work in August.  Due to the client’s desire to open the facilities ahead of schedule, we were challenged to accelerate our activities.  Many of the components were to be flown from the building’s structure, so AVI-SPL utilized the talents of its engineering and management staff at every stage to ensure the safe and successful deployment of these rigs.

For the gaming and entertainment venues at The Revelry, AVI-SPL engineered and managed the installation of numerous feature attractions, including a nightclub designed to be the social center of the gaming floor and an immersive digital media solution that uses eight Christie DLP projectors to blend images on an inverted 360-degree projection surface.

“The immersive dome is unique part of the project; it’s actually garnered quite a bit of attention,” says Will Parry, senior vice president of AVI-SPL’s Special Projects Group.  “The images are flawless on that dome. That speaks to the quality of the projectors.”

For Ovation Hall and The Social, two performance venues, we installed advanced lighting and sound systems.  Because Ovation Hall can accommodate a wide variety of events, the audio system has been tuned independently for each type of physical configuration so that the room will sound great for any event. At the heart of these systems are 27 equipment racks fabricated by some of the industry’s best-trained technicians. Prior to shipping, each one of these assemblies was burned in and tested by our quality control personnel to facilitate ease of integration and performance once delivered to site.

During the opening of the theater and the casino, we worked directly with the Revel Entertainment group and the consultant to fine tune the immersive experience within all venues for the benefit of Revel’s guests.  At the request and with the assistance of the consultant, we also worked on systems installed by other vendors to ensure seamless performance among the components.

Impact: A World-Class Experience

The theater opened mid December 2011;  the casino had its soft opening in March 2012.  For the 5,500-seat Ovation Hall, the sound system provides even audio coverage and fidelity at concert-quality levels for every seat in the house. That kind of attention to detail is critical for a venue that brings in high-profile acts like Kanye West.

“When we have the headliners come through, it’s nice to see the excitement that’s generated by the video and audio aspects,” says Pete Mashanik, lead video technician. “It’s pretty special to see the reaction of the audience.”

“When the patron walks in here to hear a show, go to one of the clubs, go to the Social, they’re going to get a world-class sound, video and lighting experience,” says Parry.