Ringling College of Art and Design

Mission: Seeking the State of the Art

Ringling College of Art and Design is recognized as one of the country’s most innovative institutes for visual arts and technology.  In the development of their first fully LEED Silver-certified academic building, school administrators sought state-of-the-art systems to lead their next generation of graphic artists. A strong emphasis would be placed on the use of high-definition audio and video systems in conjunction with digital signals.

“Working with AVI-SPL was a great experience for us.” – Jeff Poleshek, assistant vice president and director of facilities, Ringling College of Art and Design

“Ringling’s requirement in these classrooms was to have whatever AV integration we did be very simple to use – easy for the students and for the instructors,” says Jamie Knoop, AVI-SPL account manager.

“For the academic center, technology is one of the most important aspects in the building,” says Jeff Poleshek, assistant vice president and director of facilities, Ringling College. “With 30 classrooms and a 200-seat tiered auditorium, the acoustics and audiovisual quality are critical for the nature of what we teach.”

Action: Enhancing the Quality of Classroom Presentations

For Ringling’s 200-seat auditorium, AVI-SPL installed an HD 193-inch diagonal screen, Extron multi-window processor, a wireless audio system and Crestron control to facilitate management of all the equipment. Instructors engage students by playing multiple computer-video or full-motion signals simultaneously on the screen. Through the Extron processor, each window has the capability to be independently scaled, positioned or overlapped.

A centrally-located bank of equipment hosts Blu-ray DVD players, and includes inputs for up to four Mac computers.

Ringling’s 12 standard studio classrooms feature a fully-customized instructor podium with DVD/VCR and an input for Mac computers. Instructors can use BenQ WXGA projectors, Da-Lite’s 133-inch diagonal electric screens, and stereo speakers to enhance the quality of classroom presentations.

A dual-screen surround-sound room features customized EAW speakers and a hearing assistance system.

“When working with dual screens, you need to devise a customized design that accounts for a center channel of sound,” explains Knoop. “Our design team customized special EAW speakers for this solution. No matter which screen a student is sitting in front of, it appears as though the center channel was coming from that particular display, and in the middle it splits the difference.”

Impact: Proper Control and Projection Systems

“Working with AVI-SPL was a great experience for us,” Poleshek says. “With the technical nature of what we do and teach here, having the proper control and projection systems is important to our operations.”

Crestron’s eControl network system is utilized on a campus-wide level. The lighting, shades and AV management system are integrated within all classrooms and presentation spaces, tying directly into Ringling’s energy-saving goals. In the gallery, student design work is showcased on two 133-inch diagonal display screens.

“We now have a building with more than 30 projection systems and a state-of-the-art auditorium,” says Poleshek. “None of that could have been possible without the work and support of AVI-SPL.”