STATS Sports Bar

Mission: Create Sports-Lovers’ Destination

The Legacy Property Group needed to take an 80-year-old brick building and transform it into a high-tech sports restaurant and bar in Atlanta known as STATS. The building infrastructure wasn’t equipped to host a high-end AV system, but AVI-SPL engineers designed a solution for the 15,000-square-foot venue that seamlessly integrated modern AV technology.

Action: ‘Round the Clock Work

AVI-SPL technicians worked six to seven days a week, 14 hours a day, for nearly a month to complete the expansive AV system at STATS, which features more than 70 HD monitors and an audio system that overcomes ambient crowd noise via an audio-sensing system.

The main bar features an 8 x 12 ft. Da-Lite screen and two Projection Design projectors displaying vertically-stacked 8 x 6 ft. images. The system allows up to eight HD sources to be projected at any time, which can be easily switched by waitstaff or management through a Crestron control system. Video comes from various sources, including 21 satellite receivers, a Blu-ray disc player, and cameras throughout the venue, as well as from the restaurant’s radio broadcast booth.

STATS also has 15 separate theme-designed rooms throughout three levels; a large roof deck with all-weather LCD displays; a custom-designed 33-foot U-shaped color ticker display with continuous updates of statistics and financial data via a programmable dedicated Internet connection; and an HD multi-zone audio system that is routed to each of the 15 rooms and deck.

Impact: An Experience That Keeps Patrons Coming Back

The audio and video improvements have made STATS a sports-lover’s destination. They have also made it easy for the staff to tailor the entertainment to their patrons, and to create an enjoyable environment – capabilities sure to keep sports fans coming back.