Tampa Museum of Art

Mission: An Immersive Digital Environment

When the Tampa Museum of Art needed an immersive digital environment with custom projection, lighting and audio system for their Pavilion XXVI event, they turned to AVI-SPL to provide the design and technology for their event.

The temporary art installation supported video artist Marc Dahl’s “Fauxments,” a term coined by the artist, and refers to a combination of still photography and live video.

One Fauxment displays a typical garden statue with a never ending stream of water. Another Fauxment displays a book whose pages ruffle every so often in the wind. Each Fauxment was a different view of the same garden, together making a panoramic environment for museum visitors. The artist’s vision was to immerse guests in a fantasy garden from another world using audio and projection technology.

Action: Custom Projection, Lighting and Audio

To ensure a completely immersive experience, we implemented Christie Digital projectors and large-format projection surfaces, creating a digital environment that would surround attendees. Matrix stereo feeds and custom LED lighting complement the videos.

Several technical hurdles had to be overcome to achieve the desired look of this event. Video displays were not in typical ratios of 4:3, 16:9 or even 16:10. Each of the six surfaces had to be custom tailored, with four of them receiving vertically mounted projection. Content was run from six individual Apple iMac Playback Pro devices. Each Playback Pro served a separate screen with picture and audio, for a total of six standalone projection surfaces.

Audio was a particular concern because each projection surface required individual stereo playback. Mixing was handled by a Yamaha LS9 that allowed for a matrix of 16 inputs and 14 outputs. The audio needed to truly represent a stereo field but not overlap with the display right next to it.

“Sound engineer Mario Rivera choose 12 Meyer UPM active monitors because of their low profile and ability to focus sound to a specific area,” explained Lead Audio Technician Chris Paraig.

Colorblast LED lights were programmed to complement the video, casting a subtle hue over the adjacent museum surfaces. During video passages that had blue accents, the LED lights responded with a spot-on representation of that color.

Impact: Transporting Visitors to a Fantasy Garden

The overall experience of the installation captures the imagination of the attendees. Several museum patrons agreed that this was its best installation to date. This event showcased an artistic marriage of motion graphics and display technology that AVI-SPL is proud to be a part of.