Mission: Meet Growth With Technology

Vonage, a pioneer in the broadband phone industry, needed an operations center that would accommodate its growing digital phone network. Vonage partnered with AVI-SPL to integrate an AV system into its operations center at corporate headquarters in Edison, NJ.

Action: Display Information From Anywhere

The main focus of the operations center is a new display wall made up of large video cubes in an 8-by-2 high array in a split configuration. While the cubes are independent displays, a virtually limitless amount of information can be displayed once they are integrated together in an array. This makes it possible to produce an all-inclusive overview or snapshot of all the applications and information being processed in the Network Operations Center.

All video and PC source information is routed through a matrix switch that makes it available to display on the wall. In addition to sources taken directly from PCs, the display wall can also display sources from client server applications run on the network, as well as any video source (cable TV, VCR, DVD, etc.) The layout of these sources on the wall is completely customized.

Impact: An Eye on Operations

As a result of AVI-SPL’s work, Vonage now has a system that fully supports its mission-critical operations.