ClearOne AV Networking

ClearOne is a global market leader, focused on developing cutting-edge conferencing, collaboration, and network streaming for voice and visual communications. ClearOne strives for top performance and simplicity in its solutions for unrivaled functionality, reliability, and scalability.

Its AV networking products offer unsurpassed image quality with low bandwidth, low latency using existing or dedicated IP networks. Its VIEW® Pro line of media encoders and decoders along with powerful new PANORAMA™ software-based video-wall and video-composition features offer easy-to-install AV over IP streaming and distribution systems.

ClearOne’s AV over IP based streaming solution replaces the hardware matrix switches and hardware video-wall processors, and it delivers top-quality video to any number of displays and video-walls at any resolution.

As the world’s largest and most trusted AV integrator, AVI-SPL partners with innovative communication technology manufacturers like ClearOne to give you access to the most advanced, secure, and effective AV over IP solutions.


VIEW Lite is ClearOne’s newest addition to its streaming solution, and it offers the basic functionality that fully meets the needs of simple AV over IP applications while simultaneously delivering superb price-to-performance value.

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ClearOne Solutions for Every Need

AVI-SPL and ClearOne work together to transform ideas into great customer experiences. ClearOne provides a complete AV over IP network media streaming lineup with a choice of choosing simple, full-screen video distribution applications, or advanced video-wall and video-composition applications.