More engagement. Cost savings. Compressed business cycles.

These are just a few of the benefits of video webcasting. Webcasting is fast becoming the go-to communications tool to educate, engage and communicate with every type of audience. It is fast, effective and highly cost-effective to stream live town halls, annual corporate meetings and repetitive events such as employee onboarding, product training, and compliance.

What is Webcasting?

Video webcasting is a live, virtual event that allow the companies to communicate specific messages to large, usually geographically dispersed, audiences. They are used for both internal and external communication and are ideal for quick and direct communication within and across organizations. Webcasts can be easily recorded and archived for future viewing, extending the value and shelf-life of the event.

Webcasting with VideoLink is simple because we partner with all major webcasting platforms. You can webcast directly from your on-site ReadyCam studio, one of our studios, or from your location. We’ll take care of the details, so you can focus on your business.

Why rich-media presentations?

Traditional PowerPoint presentations with only audio have lost their luster. Customers and employee want to both see and hear the presenter and the presentation. With rich-media tools that integrate video, PowerPoint slides and live chat, webcasts can be a powerful marketing tool that maximize content retention and generate more qualified leads. Webcasts can be archived and re-used over and over which help you maximize both your ROI and budget. Features such as online Q & A, social sharing tools, live chat and engagement scores let you gauge and measure the quality and retention of content, as well as the engagement level.

Benefits of Video Webcasting

  • Live and on-demand distribution
  • Message can reach audiences around the world
  • Cost-effective and efficient
  • Proven audience engagement
  • Better retention of content
  • Dynamic presentation of ideas
  • Metrics and analytics

Features of Video Webcasting

  • Real time Q & A
  • On-demand and live streaming options
  • Easy edit and distribution options
  • Expansive list of interactive tools

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