Transform How Employees Get Work Done With Connected Workspaces

A connected workplace is a collaborative environment that enables fast communication, information-sharing in real-time, and the ability to quickly work together to solve day-to-day business challenges.

What to Know About Creating Connected Workplaces

Much has been written about the need to transform to a digital workplace. The once-prized independent contributor has given way to what CEB calls the enterprise contributor. These workers thrive in a more connected and collaborative work environment. For most Facilities Managers, digital workplace initiatives that support this work style are on the radar if not the roadmap.

We recently partnered with IDG Networks to better understand how companies are creating a connected and collaborative workplace. This article will share the survey results and offer insights into what you can expect from your own initiative. You will learn:

  • Top use cases driving business leaders to consider connected workplace initiatives
  • IT Directors share top challenges to their connected workplace initiative
  • IT Directors expectations from external partners to deliver important benefits

Download the tech brief to learn how you can transform how your employees get work done with connected workpaces.