Digital Signage Content Management

Digital Signage Content Management

The use of digital signage is on the rise among today’s leading organizations. At the heart of most successful campaigns lies a targeted strategy for content management.

In “Digital Signage Content Management,” NEC Director of Solutions Development Mike Zmuda looks at best practices across a range of digital signage applications. From education settings to corporate campaigns, Zmuda will discuss the digital signage market and how to integrate an effective content management system (CMS).

This engaging webinar will help you gain insight on generating the right messaging for your audience, as well as knowing the essential features needed in a CMS. You’ll discover that with just the right CMS strategy, your organization can increase productivity, helping employees create, manage, use and share information. Effective content management can also quickly promote advertising and branding, increasing engagement with your audience.

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About the presenter
Mike Zmuda has nearly 20 years of industry experience to his credit. In his role with NEC, he is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of the company’s display solutions and dynamic digital signage strategy throughout the Americas.