Improving Your UCC Meeting-Room Audio

During the webinar “Improving Your UCC Meeting-Room Audio,” presenters from Biamp and AVI-SPL explain how you can make sure your meeting spaces have the high-quality audio that delivers a positive user experience.

You’ll learn how Biamp audio solutions address conference audio issues like background noise, echo, and too many voices huddled over a single speaker phone. Zach Snook, audio products manager for Biamp, looks at characteristics and challenges in huddle rooms and medium and large conference rooms. Along the way,  Zach touches on:

  • Devio huddle room and its support for BYOD, in-room computing
  • Microphones
  • Speakers
  • DSP
  • Controllers
  • Amplifiers
  • UC bridging interface

Charlie Salto, AVI-SPL project engineer, offers the integrator perspective on DSP challenges for integrating a VoIP solution. He also explains how Biamp meets the needs of different conference room solutions, including making it easy to keep adding more devices (microphones, recording outputs).

During the Q&A, Zach and Charlie answer questions about soundmasking and audio coverage of rooms when there are many potential talkers.

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