Optimization of Video and Shared Mobility in Public Sector Agencies

Reaching Video and Mobility optimization in Public Sector
Reaching Video and Mobility optimization in Public Sector

With mobility, big data, and social media heavily impacting private sector businesses, it is not surprising that these same trends are emerging in the public sector. Today, technology should play a central role in all aspects of government. Agencies already using digital technology are experiencing myriad benefits, ranging from increased efficiency of citizen-facing services, to the ability to better conduct internal processes.

Video and cloud are two aspects that can help the public sector make use of digital innovations easily and cost-effectively. Lending the required flexibility and scalability, cloud services can create a federated approach between two or more agencies and can mitigate the challenges of IT investments.

This free, easily downloadable whitepaper explores:

  • The current state of IT in the public sector.
  • The key challenges agencies face while deploying IT and technology solutions.
  • The need for a shared approach that can help agencies scale.
  • The very important security and availability challenges of shared IT deployments.
  • And how to address potential IT cyber security issues using IT best practices.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of the federated approach to video and mobility, download Reaching Optimization – Video Intra-Inter Network Federation and Shared Mobility.