Reducing the Cost of Digital Signage

New HDTV Technology Cuts the Cost of Digital Signage

RF, in its new form, is a wonderful, flexible medium for communication – able to carry hundreds of programs over miles of cable, and tuned in by standard HDTV tuners and TVs. It’s a virtual video switcher that offers just about any number of sources to any number of destinations. RF 2.0 inherits all the historic benefits of RF, with a new array of content options.

During this webinar, Contemporary Research’s Doug Engstrom will deliver an interactive presentation on the many capabilities of RF technology. He’ll showcase real world examples that cover digital signage distribution to your facility, converting HD-SDI video feeds, and more.

View the webinar “New HDTV Technology Cuts the Cost of Digital Signage.”

About the presenter
Doug Engstrom is director of Tech Communication at Contemporary Research, an industry leader focused on developing tech support, tech information, and Web services to better serve the needs of systems sales, design, and integration. With over 40 years in the industry, Doug has authored several articles an also served as an InfoComm Academy Systems Design instructor.