SMART Notebook for the Classroom

Learn More About SMART Notebook for the Classroom

Teachers are always looking for ways to get students excited about learning. During this webinar, AVI-SPL’s Kelly Derushia will show you how to take a problem or question and use SMART Notebook to create an interactive lesson that students can complete on their own. This 45-minute webinar will also cover basic SMART Notebook techniques. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your classroom lessons.

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About the Presenter
As Professional Development Curriculum Director for AVI-SPL, Kelly Derushia oversees professional development offerings that help K-12 educators integrate technology within their classrooms. He has over 10 years of teaching experience, and has been recognized Who’s Who Among American Teachers for five years straight. Derushia is a SMART Exemplary Educator and was a facilitator for Dr. Jennifer King’s Summer Technology Institute at Florida Southern College in 2011.