The Role of Mobility in Workplace Transformation

Mobile technology is by far the biggest factor driving change in the modern workplace. And government agencies are not immune. Mobile has revolutionized traditional employment with concepts like BYOD, remote working, and the virtual workplace, and while the private sector is definitely the frontrunner in embracing the digitally driven work environment, government agencies are beginning to dip their feet into mobility and mobile-driven concepts.

In fact, an increasing number of government workers are shifting their positions from behind-the-desk to in-the-field, whether serving citizens directly, facing crisis situations, improving healthcare, or ensuring the overall progress and success of their regions.

This free, easily downloadable whitepaper will explore:

  • Why state government needs to develop strategies that empower agencies to embrace mobile technology.
  • The opportunities, challenges, and five key elements of an enterprise mobility strategy.
  • How state government can deploy these solutions while still remaining focused on simplicity, security, and the risks related to BYOD.

Modern agencies need a strong tech adoption strategy, including cloud, federated networks, and other scalable options. Download The Role of Mobility in Workplace Transformation.