Understanding Projector Technology

Understanding the Benefits of LCoS and Canon Projectors

During this event, Jonathan Brawn explains projector technology, and what to look for in a projector for commercial use. Brawn explores the factors that create image quality in a projector, from the type of technology (DLP, LCD, and LCoS) to the physical construction of the lens and optical engine. He also explains why LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) is superior and demonstrate through comparisons to other projector technologies. This is followed by an examination of what benefits are gained by using Canon LCoS REALiS projectors, and the key applications where the true image quality benefits of Canon and LCoS can be applied.

About the Presenter

Jonathan Brawn is a principal of Brawn Consulting, an audiovisual consulting, educational development, and marketing firm, based in Vista, Calif. Prior to this, Jonathan was Director of Technical Services for Visual Appliances, an Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based firm that manufactures ZeroBurn plasma display technology, and successfully ran his own integration group, Brawn & Associates, serving the residential and commercial audiovisual markets. Jonathan has extensive experience in AV systems design and integration, as well as expertise in the development of educational development programs. Jonathan holds CTS certification and teaches courses at InfoComm. Jonathan was honored to receive the InfoComm 2012 Young AV Professional award.

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