Why AV Integrators Need a Cybersecurity Strategy

During this webinar, three Crestron experts offered their insight and guidance into cybersecurity as it relates to AV solutions. John Pavlik, senior director, systems engineering; Alex Peras, manager, product management, digital media; and Joseph Sarrasin, director, product strategy UC, discussed aspects of cybersecurity that AV integrators and their clients need to consider in order to make sure that their customers and their firm can practice information security.

During this event, our panelists examined our digital world and touched on topics like:

  • The security implications of AV on the network
  • Four types of data
  • AV content encryption and security measures
  • Unified communications systems and how to ensure they are secure
  • The impact of security on the functionality and usability of AV systems
  • Cybersecurity insurance: its pros and cons and who’s responsible for it
  • A three-step process for ensuring product security
  • Cybersecurity in federal government projects

You’ll also hear about the security that Crestron builds into its products, including Crestron DM NVX, which delivers AV over IP.

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