AVI-SPL Powered by Videxio Virtual Meeting Room


Access  HD quality video conferencing and collaboration through the cloud with AVI-SPL Powered by Videxio Virtual Meeting Service. AVI-SPL Powered by Videxio technology is your gateway to click-and-go, enterprise-grade conferencing that’s as powerful as being there in person.

On-demand: With no advanced scheduling required, meeting hosts simply share their personal virtual meeting room information and meet within seconds. Participants have the choice to attend using video or audio, and can also leverage Skype for Business deployments.

Personal, private and secure: Each user has a unique video address with optional PINs for meeting hosts and guests.

Connect instantly: Interoperable with H.323, SIP, Microsoft Skype for Business, WebRTC and audio, bringing together voice, video and data. Whether in a conference room, at your desktop, or on your mobile device, you can connect to your VMR.

Scalable: Gone are the days of expensive, complex barriers to enterprise quality video. Now, you can provide everyone in your organization with their own Virtual Meeting Room at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. With AVI-SPL, you can purchase a specific number of licenses or outfit your entire organization.

Easy to Use:  AVI-SPL Powered by Videxio works the way you work. Microsoft Outlook users can quickly schedule meetings with the Outlook Add-In. Users can be called directly on up to 6 personal devices, by their personal video address…ringing a smart device while on the road, an endpoint while in the office, or a computer while at home.

Meeting Streaming and Recording: Easily record video meetings, events, sessions and share with those that missed them. Recording can be done directly from your My Meeting Video portal, and either be configured on a 3rd party application or YouTube or Facebook Live.

Worldwide Platform: With 15+ POPs (points-of-presence) covering all continents, interconnected with a private network to deliver the best video experience from anywhere. With a global, video optimized, secure, dedicated network, participants will gain access through their local internet connections.

What We Provide

AVI-SPL provides a great user experience to positively affect business outcomes for our customers. AVI-SPL Powered by Videxio service provides customers an easy way to consume a cloud-based VMR solution. Our feature-rich service offers:

  • 50 maximum participants per license.
  • The ability to deploy any combination of User and Team VMRs from one license pool, at no additional cost.
  • Unlimited usage.
  • Enhanced integration with Skype for Business with bi-directional content sharing.
  • Each VMR comes with a Personal Video Account that will allow the owner to make and receive calls directly from up to 6 of your personal devices, such as Smart Phone, Laptop, Mac, etc.
  • Streaming and Recording embedded into the solution. AVI-SPL Powered by Videxio will be able to stream and put recordings on YouTube, Facebook Live, as well as numerous 3rd party applications.
  • Registered users have unlimited person-to-person calling from behind their firewall with their My Meeting Video App and/or video conferencing endpoint to registered and unregistered users. This provides users their own SIP URI video address and an always up-to-date video directory for point & click dialing.
  • Endpoint Subscription: Optional Polycom and Cisco endpoint cloud subscription services, including built-in firewall traversal security, unique SIP address, global directories, and one-touch room dialing into external non-AVI-SPL VMRs, such as Zoom, BlueJeans Network, and Skype for Business.


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