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AVI-SPL provides collaboration solutions for financial services and banking institutions that let employees meet face-to-face from anywhere in the world. Because efficiency is so important, financial institutions need effective ways to accelerate decision-making processes, to instantly recognize market changes, and to improve client service. Strong communication is the key to being responsive to the marketplace and sustaining a successful business long term.

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AVI-SPL provides systems and services for banking and finance solutions that let employees meet face-to-face over video and share data with different branches as well as with key partners around the world. Streaming digital media brings a variety of data and video sources together into a single market command center. Meeting-room AV systems with integrated video conferencing connect you with colleagues and clients alike.

Whether you will be trading commodities or ideas, banking and finance professionals need collaboration rooms, desktop collaboration, and mobile video conferencing solutions to bring together team members, partners and clients from all over the world.

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