Digital Signage

Your customers and employees rely on up-to-date information, and you need a simple way to deliver. You can make it happen with a digital signage network that displays streaming video, news feeds, and graphics can provide the most cost-effective, high-impact communication possible.

Innovations in digital media have changed the landscape on how to engage the consumer or employee. You can now deliver your message to specific markets using a wide variety of methods from traditional signage to interactive experiences. 2D and 3D wayfinding, gesture-controlled signage and extending the message/experience to the users mobile phone/tablet via QR Code are just a few of the approaches one can take to reach out to your audience. This solution applies itself to all verticals. Ready for answers? Fill out our simple digital signage needs analysis form to help us understand your project goals.

Workplace Trends

  • Digital place-based media that connects with patrons and leads directly to ROI
  • Interface with business applications such as point-of-sale and inventory
  • Add ambiance to an environment and provide an immersive experience
  • A greater variety of display options, including video walls
  • Ability for patrons to contribute to what is displayed
  • Visualization of data that presents relevant information to viewers

What we provide

AVI-SPL Digital Media Services simplify and manage the process of selecting, implementing, and supporting solutions for digital signage and IPTV. We have a long history of expertise with all things digital signage, from complex integrations to content creation to turnkey solutions that reduce stress on your organization.

We account for each ingredient in a digital signage solution: displays, the content, and the media players that drive content to the displays.

We also provide a range of digital media solutions like cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid systems. AVI-SPL can also design, build, and deliver workflow processes and ongoing support that fit your operations and architecture, achieve your goals, and keep you on a path of having the most up-to-date technology for reaching target audiences. Our goal is to see you succeed. We want our solutions to not simply change the way your company operates, but to improve upon.

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Why work with AVI-SPL

As your organization grows, so will your communications strategy. At AVI-SPL, we anticipate those changes and respond with a technology roadmap that will see them through many years. Seeing each client as a partner allows us to easily assess future needs, leveraging what has already been put in place.

No matter what level of engagement you choose, AVI-SPL assigns a Digital Media Content Manager to guide your project and ensure your content reaches your Digital Media Platform. The Digital Media Content Manager collaborates with you to understand the goals of your digital signage plan and aligns the creative direction to meet those goals. Your manager also acts are your primary content design resource during your digital signage implementation.