Collaborative Solutions for Healthcare

AVI-SPL provides collaboration solutions for healthcare clients all over the world. We design, develop, and implement advanced telehealth, telemedicine solutions, including integrated operating rooms. These collaborative tools help to improve the patient experience, and facilitate anytime collaboration between doctors and hospitals. Using AVI-SPL integrated medical solutions, caregivers communicate with their patients and peers virtually anywhere at any time, leading to improved department meetings, knowledge sharing, medical training courses, project management, patient care and oversight. AVI-SPL experts have also designed solutions that include integrated operating room environment, intraoperative MRI surgical suites, and specialized procedure rooms.

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The advantages of AVI-SPL healthcare solutions include:

  • Incentives for hospitals to reduce the number of readmitted patients
  • Ability for doctors and hospitals to share knowledge resources
  • Remote camera control makes video diagnosis possible
  • Several states now consider telemedicine visits the same as office visits for the purposes of insurance billings

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