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Audio sound systems have migrated to the network in settings as diverse as hospitals, performance arenas and convention centers. Properly designed audio systems are critical in every environment, including those being used for audio conferencing, sound reinforcement, paging systems, emergency notifications and distribution of audio feeds.

Workplace trends

  • Networked audio that centralizes control
  • Zoned paging to maintain quiet areas
  • Digital signal processing for clean audio
  • Sound masking and white-noise generators

What we provide

Working with the leading manufacturers of audio systems, we develop solutions that bring together analog and digital signals in a hybrid environment. We can provide:

  • Acoustic design, sound reinforcement, and programmed audio
  • Audio echo cancellation in meeting spaces
  • Noise filters in open collaboration areas
  • Partnerships with those who set the standard in audio distribution, including Biamp and Harman
  • Extensive cable runs and digital processors to accommodate audio signals and sound reinforcement in the largest venues

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Why work with AVI-SPL

As technology evolves, we continue to stay on top of the latest in audio design and installation. Our audio systems empower facilities to distribute clear messages and entertainment to audiences of any size. We give arenas, performance centers, hospitals and businesses the power to distribute audio messages to specific zones. Our system architecture ensures that the failure of one zone does not affect the entire system. For a seamless, reliable audio experience, turn to the system experts at AVI-SPL.