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AVI-SPL’s Federal Team is dedicated to AV, VTC, and UC solutions for U.S. and allied government customers. We specialize in designing, implementing, and improving collaborative work environments by delivering effective presentation and collaboration systems.

Our Unified Communications video practice has certified engineering and operational resources to design, build, and operate video infrastructure and endpoints (unifying room systems, desktop, and mobile devices) in unclassified and multi-level classified environments at a Department, Agency, or Facility level. We maintain certifications with all major manufacturers and supply Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliant products. Our experienced staff advises and assists with typical challenges such as ISDN-to-IP migration, SD-to-HD upgrades, and assured services SIP implementation. With active DoD Top Secret and NATO facilities clearances, our cleared sales and technical staff support projects in secure locations around the world.

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The Federal Team has relationships with hundreds of manufacturers, large and small system integrators, small business partners, and subcontractors that we leverage to create a personal and comprehensive solution for our customers. Our extensive resources enable us to create fully customized, innovative system integration solutions for customers’ most complex audio, video, collaboration, and communication needs, as well as to deploy technologies for straightforward purposes.


Download our Federal Capabilities Statement for details on the solutions AVI-SPL can provide.

Integration Collaboration and Video Services


VTC Solutions

AV & VTC Support Contracts

General AV/VTC Integration


Professional Services

Specialty Integration


Managed Services

Software Solution

Capture & Distribution

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In addition to integration services, we offer inside sales technical support that directly interacts with manufacturers and/or vendors of procured gear for all Federal equipment only sales. Contact our dedicated sales team for more product information.


We team with experienced large and small business partners to create optimal, compliant solutions for government buyers.

  • Small Business – AVI-SPL teams with small businesses on thousands of projects each year in either a prime or subcontractor capacity. Benefits to the government and small business partners include: achieving socioeconomic contracting goals; producing quality outcomes at reduced risk and cost; and receiving competitive pricing on top products, expert engineering and programming, and outstanding service and support.
  • Large Business. – Large System Integrators source AV and collaboration solutions from AVI-SPL in support of agency missions and line of business functions, as well as to enable their own organizations. Let us show you how an enterprise approach to AV/VTC/collaboration can yield measurable efficiency and productivity gains. Contact us to learn more.


AVI-SPL has access to many popular contract vehicles used by DoD and civilian agencies which give customers a variety of procurement pathways to make the purchasing process simple. Below are our Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC)

GSA Schedules

Eligible Buyers

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AVI-SPL has been a GSA Schedule holder since 2001. We offer a wide array of products to serve a variety of applications, labor services for integration, and maintenance SKUs for helpdesk and on-site services. GSA Schedules are open to any Federal agency. GSA’s Cooperative Purchase Program allows State and Local Government to purchase from GSA Schedule 70.

GSA LogoAVI-SPL is also a great team partner for Schedule holders that have their own Schedules and would like to work together to offer government buyers a solution under a Contractor Teaming Arrangement.


SEWP V is a GWAC alternative to GSA Schedules of similar scope. AVI-SPL is an official team partner to Technica Corporation (Group D) and has standing partnerships with selected primes in each Group:

  • Group A – Computer Resellers, NAICS (334111)
  • Group B – HUBZone and SDVOSB (NAICS 541519)
  • Group C – Small Business (NAICS 541519)
  • Group D – Large Business (NAICS 541519)

Buyers can issue an RFQ under one or more Groups. We are always pleased to assess SEWP-V task order requests that include AV or VTC requirements. To explore teaming opportunities contact us.


CIO-CS is a GWAC alternative to GSA Schedules of similar scope. AVI-SPL has standing partnerships with leading CIO-CS primes socioeconomic categories: “Other than small”, WOSB, HUBZone, SDVOSB, and 8a.

 Agency-Specific Contracts

We team with awardees of agency-specific IDIQ multiple contract awards to provide convenient access to our products and services under subcontract:

  • U.S. Army. Standing partnerships with leading CHESS Primes holding ITES-3H and CTS-III awards. We’re also members of AFCEA International and AUSA.
  • U.S. Airforce. Standing partnerships with Netcents NetProd & Netcents NetOps primes.
  • U.S. Navy & Marines. Standing partnerships with selected primes.
  • Homeland Security. Standing partnerships with Firstsource II and Eagle II Primes.
  • Blanket Purchasing Agreements (BPAs) & Basic Ordering Agreements (BOAs). Holds agency specific IDIQ contracts with agencies and branches of Federal Government. If interested in creating a BPA or BOA to streamline procurement of AV and collaboration solutions and avoid the pitfalls of individual procurement actions, contact us.

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Visualization and Simulation

The ability to bring complex data to life is changing the way companies like yours do business and researchers unlock mysteries. Now, advanced visualization and simulation solutions combine high-resolution, stereoscopic projection and 3D computer graphics to create a complete sense of presence in a virtual environment. Product visualization software technology allows viewing and manipulation of 3D models, technical drawings and other related documentation of manufactured components and large assemblies of products. Now, you can virtually touch it before you build it.

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The technology used in visualization improves processes across multiple industries, including enterprise (product design visualization), energy (oil & gas exploration and production), education (scientific visualization) and public sector (training-exercise simulations, large scale data visualization). They combine supercomputing with high-resolution 3D projection and virtual worlds that substitute for the real-world environments.

Workplace Trends

Video Walls

Video walls and their arrays of high-definition displays are often the centerpiece in various environments: college campuses, retail stores, meeting rooms, lobbies, auditoriums, cinemas, hotels, sports bars, airports, and houses of worship. Their applications includes aesthetic enhancement, information sharing, and interactive functions that engage customers to explore environments, clothing options, and a company’s suite of services and products. When you decide to “go big or go home,” you need a partner that understands the effects that non-full-motion video content, and temperature targets across displays.

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Workplace Trends

  • Adoption rates for video walls is increasing as costs become more budget friendly.
  • Interactive displays in restaurants and retail stores are attracting users who have a comfort level with the technology, giving them an experience that they can control.
  • Video walls aren’t just being used to convey information through digital signage. The array of configurations they can accommodate allows them to be used as works of art.
  • Corporations are using video walls to set themselves apart by promoting their brand message. LG has excellence resources on how its displays can be combined to elevate your corporate identity.
  • Shift to OLED allows for video display arrangements that suit your content and engage viewers.

Learn about AVI-SPL’s upgrade of the video wall for a traffic management center using new Mitsubishi technology >

Large Venues and Auditoriums


You want to bring people out of their homes and into the seats of your performing arts center or stadium. And to do that, you need the AV systems that complement the performers and enhance your event. Some of these systems include high-definition video walls, advanced sound systems, streaming video, and live broadcast capabilities that help create a memorable experience for guests.

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Workplace Trends

  • Networked audio that can scale and is centrally controlled
  • Digital signal processing of AV
  • Stadiums and arenas are using flexible AV solutions to accommodate different types of events for a better listening and viewing experience
  • Venues are extending audio distribution and reinforcement to engage people beyond the facility walls

Learn about the work we did for the Orlando Citrus Bowl >

Command and Control Centers

Regardless of the industry, command and control centers should give your staff valuable insight into company assets that they can act upon. Whether yours is a command center that pulls in real-time social media data, or tracks IT systems across the enterprise, or enables you to monitor and control asset exploration, our Control Room Group (CRG) combines its wealth of knowledge, manufacturer partnerships, and experience to deliver the environment and experience you require.

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Data Collection and Display Trends

  • Advanced visualization and simulation for training purposes
  • Aggregation of industry news and social media
  • Geoscientists use 3D visualization to safely explore drill sites
  • Optical tracking systems that work in concert with 3D data
Read about AVI-SPL’s integration of a new video wall in the control room for the Regional Transportation System of Southern Nevada >
Learn the “5 Best Design Practices for Corporate Control Rooms” >

Classrooms and Training Centers

AVI-SPL puts its systems integration talents to work for K-12, Higher Education, and Charter School environments. We design audio-visual and collaboration solutions for classrooms and training centers so that learners can work with one another in the same room and across great distances. These solutions are designed to:

  • Make class time more engaging with interactive displays, devices and collaborative software
  • Facilitate flipped, virtual, hybrid and active learning models
  • Create, manage and deliver video content for instruction
  • Deliver engaging content live or on-demand to local and global communities
  • Provide online professional development services on today’s leading software and hardware solutions
  • Enhance communication across a school, district or institutional system

AV Systems Control and Networking

We program your AV control systems so that you can find available rooms, identify their AV resources, and quickly activate them to start your meetings.

We also strive to streamline the management of your room systems. When AV communications and other building systems are networked to a central control room, failures and glitches can be instantly identified, addressed, and remedied. You can better understand how your meeting rooms are being used, what resources are being connected, and identify the system’s most active users.

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AV management systems can also reduce the maintenance costs associated with the equipment they control. Digital equipment glitches can be handled by remote troubleshooting or with a reboot of the device from a remote location.

Watch the “Why You Need AV over IP in the Workplace” on-demand webinar

Workplace trends

  • AV over IP is the new standard for delivering digital signals over your network.
  • Organizations are empowering their employees with AV control systems that suit their level of comfort with the technology
  • Video communications systems that are network controlled provide greater uptime than those that are not
  • Cloud-based services to assist in the management and monitoring of an organization’s AV systems