Crestron Network AV over IP

High-quality, low-bandwidth network AV is how companies distribute video signals between rooms, buildings, and cities around the world.  By encoding and then decoding video signals for transport over Ethernet, Crestron DigitalMedia™ empowers you to send video content throughout your organization using your standard corporate network infrastructure and devices. Solutions like the DigitalMedia NVX series provide 4K60 over 1 Gigabit Ethernet without latency, and deliver USB 2.0 routing and all-in-one encoding/decoding.

The Crestron DigitalMedia Value:

  • Support for thousands of endpoints with the ability to route any source to any destination
  • Ensures the integrity of your existing network as you expand to include additional traffic
  • Many deployment options address a wide range of streaming applications and accommodate each organization’s IT requirements


Consultant Specified Systems

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Video Displays

When is a display not just a display? When it’s used in a commercial setting. Just ask the radiologist who needs to review medical images to make an accurate diagnosis, or the museum that wants to announce its current and upcoming exhibits to guests.

Video displays are often the centerpiece of the environments where they’ve been installed. They can be used to distribute live feeds or pre-recorded content to audiences. They also include interactive capabilities, such as multi-touch displays that can be used in retail environments or experience centers.

Workplace Trends

  • Resolutions are increasing to 5K and even 8K, setting the stage for grander, more ambitious content
  • As pixel density increases, video displays are getting larger
  • A shift to emissive display technology like OLED, the organic light-emitting diode
  • Those OLEDs will have the ability to be formed into different shapes that suit the content

AV and Collaboration Design Needs Analysis

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Visualization and Simulation

The ability to bring complex data to life is changing the way companies like yours do business and researchers unlock mysteries. Now, advanced visualization and simulation solutions combine high-resolution, stereoscopic projection and 3D computer graphics to create a complete sense of presence in a virtual environment. Product visualization software technology allows viewing and manipulation of 3D models, technical drawings and other related documentation of manufactured components and large assemblies of products. Now, you can virtually touch it before you build it.

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The technology used in visualization improves processes across multiple industries, including enterprise (product design visualization), energy (oil & gas exploration and production), education (scientific visualization) and public sector (training-exercise simulations, large scale data visualization). They combine supercomputing with high-resolution 3D projection and virtual worlds that substitute for the real-world environments.

Workplace Trends

  • Virtual training and education makes use of safe, immersive environments
  • Medical simulation centers allow surgeons and other healthcare providers to safely train on patients while exploring
  • Visualization is providing a cost-effective way to create and test product designs and packaging
  • Virtual shelves and products are empowering your consumers by allowing them to quickly search, sample, and select a large variety of merchandise

Video Walls

Video walls and their arrays of high-definition displays are often the centerpiece in various environments: college campuses, retail stores, meeting rooms, lobbies, auditoriums, cinemas, hotels, sports bars, airports, and houses of worship. Their applications includes aesthetic enhancement, information sharing, and interactive functions that engage customers to explore environments, clothing options, and a company’s suite of services and products. When you decide to “go big or go home,” you need a partner that understand the effects that non-full-motion video content, and temperature targets across displays.

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Workplace Trends

  • Adoption rates for video walls is increasing as costs become more budget friendly
  • Interactive displays in restaurants and retail stores are attracting users who have a comfort level with the technology, giving them an experience that they can control
  • Video walls aren’t just being used to convey information through digital signage. The array of configurations they can accommodate allows them to be used as works of art

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Studio and Broadcast

Studio and broadcast facilities are becoming more common in business and organizations outside of traditional media, as the move toward content generation continues and access to affordable video editing equipment increases. Whether you are developing your first in-house studio, looking for a enterprise video strategy, or are a veteran of the broadcasting industry, AVI-SPL can create a state-of-the-art broadcast and studio facility or develop and produce for your organization to help you compete in a new media era.

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Workplace Trends

  • Corporations are taking control of their messaging by creating their own studio facilities
  • Shift to HD broadcasting, away from analog
  • An increase in live TV productions, webcasting, and more
  • Video over IP
  • Cloud services/video asset storage and management

Sound Systems


Designed Audio

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Audio sound systems have migrated to the network in settings as diverse as hospitals, performance arenas and convention centers. Properly designed audio systems are critical in every environment, including those being used for audio conferencing, sound reinforcement, paging systems, emergency notifications and distribution of audio feeds.

Workplace trends

  • Networked audio that centralizes control
  • Zoned paging to maintain quiet areas
  • Digital signal processing for clean audio
  • Sound masking and white-noise generators

Collaboration Spaces

Today’s meeting spaces are the focus of workplace transformation. Change how people can work with one another, and you change what they can do. Wireless sharing, automated control systems, and managed services have helped transform meeting spaces into an area where your coworkers want to be so they can come together and solve problems.

With all the changes in the work environment — mobility, huddle spaces, open collaboration areas — the meeting room remains a vital asset to your organization.  Today’s meeting rooms are more than areas where team members come together to plan and discuss. It’s where they get work done, the space where those remote and onsite, customers and colleagues, can come together and make progress.

Workplace Trends

  • Proximity location software lets users know through their smart devices if a room is in use or booked as they approach it
  • Sensors that detect when a room is vacant and no longer in use, so that systems can return to idle mode
  • Meetings rooms are becoming areas where work gets done, not just talked about
  • Customized room control for different user types and access levels
  • Automation technology that readies room for collaboration in less than a minute
  • Move toward wireless technology

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Large Venues and Auditoriums


You want to bring people out of their homes and into the seats of your performing arts center or stadium. And to do that, you need the AV systems that complement the performers and enhance your event. Some of these systems include high-definition video walls, advanced sound systems, streaming video, and live broadcast capabilities that help create a memorable experience for guests.

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Workplace Trends

  • Stadiums and arenas are using flexible AV solutions in order to accommodate different types of events
  • Venues are extending audio distribution and reinforcement to engage people beyond the facility walls

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