Collaboration Services

Cloud collaboration services empower the people in your organization to work effectively together by providing useful, reliable, and intuitive communication tools. This goal is made even easier through collaboration services that do away with the need to purchase infrastructure, and put the power of collaboration in the hands of your team members.

Workplace Trends in Collaboration Services

  • The number of enterprises using 100% hosted/cloud services to support their unified communications and collaboration will double over the next two years. (2015 Unified Communications and Collaboration, IDG Enterprise)
  • With workloads increasing and staff levels holding, teamwork is more essential to operations
  • More people in organizations are using video to collaborate
  • The cloud is not just cost-effective, but is also the growing platform for hosting collaboration services
  • People want to be productive from any location, and need a seamless experience that extends across meeting space, desktop, and mobile device

quotes87% of remote workers agree that video conferencing allows them to work more productively and efficiently without feeling disconnected from their colleagues. — Wainhouse Research