On-Demand Webinar:
“Modern Classroom AV Technology, Integration and Centralized Control” with Vaddio

Vaddio in the classroom

Learn how to deliver a media-rich, connected learning environment to remain competitive and attract more students. In this webinar co-hosted by AVI-SPL and Vaddio, we share how educators can create, deliver, and archive their digital learning materials.

Watch the webinar to find out how to design classroom AV technology that:

  • Students expect as part of their learning experience
  • Is easy for teachers to use
  • Delivers production value
  • Fits into your school’s budget

The webinar shows how you can integrate cameras and microphones with PCs via a USB connection to a Vaddio AV bridge. That means teachers can use the networked PC apps they prefer. The webinar also explores camera and bridge options, with a variety of price points, that enhance production value.

Sponsored by:

AVI-SPL Digital Workplace Strategies