Welcome Digital Video Networks Customers to AVI-SPL

digital video networks and avi-spl are better togetherWelcome to AVI-SPL, the world’s foremost provider of video collaboration, AV, and unified communications solutions and services to organizations around the world. You’ve reached this page because of the merger of Digital Video Networks and AVI-SPL on July 23, 2019.

“The decision to join AVI-SPL made perfect sense for our customers and employees. With the incredible growth we’re seeing in the area, both will enjoy the added resources and services AVI-SPL provides from a local and global level, ensuring we remain the southwest region’s most trusted and most capable technology provider for organizations undergoing digital transformation. It’s a perfect match at the ideal time.” – DVN co-founder Bill Blair

We’ve redirected users from the digitalvideonetworks.com website to avispl.com so you can explore the solutions and services that fit your needs and improve the way companies like yours do business. To learn more about the merger, read the press release.

We know that AVI-SPL and Digital Video Networks are better together because we’ve combined our shared dedication to taking an enterprise IT-centric approach to system design, deployment, and support. That approach focuses on your desired outcome: to make it easier to see and share information and work in teams no matter where individuals are located.

To contact a team member from Digital Video Networks, call 866-708-5034 or email us at contact@avispl.com.