LIGHTVU is Canada’s newest and most innovative direct view LED display manufacturer. Their businesses began due to a need for high quality LED products to use in audio visual integrations. Based in Sherwood Park, Alberta their LED displays are manufactured, assembled, and fully supported in Canada. LIGHTVU’s engineers have developed a higher quality solution at the same, or better, price than traditional Chinese manufactured cabinets.

LIGHTVU’s Aurora Series P4 Ruggedized LED Media Walls provide dynamic presentation and scoring for your gym, business, or digital signage applications. Sizes start at a 94″ diagonal composed of a 2×2 array of 47″ displays in a standard 16:9 ratio. You can plug a variety of devices into your media wall to enhance your presentation technologies.

Why LED?

Brightness Comparison

LED Light Output Comparison

LED media walls are able to run at 20-30% of their brightness and be just as bright as a projector. Because of this LED walls have a much longer life span and lower overall costs when compared to a projector.

Long Term Cost

LED Long Term Maintenance Costs - web

Based on a similar quality and size projector and screen LED media walls are frequently a higher initial investment however LED media walls offer a much lower lifetime maintenance cost in comparison.


Enhance your gymnasium capabilities with SCOREVU by LIGHTVU. SCOREVU gives you the ability to:

  • Change names and logos
  • Customize colours
  • Create a personalized scoreboard output
  • Run a separate shot clock output
  • Web control optimized for mobile devices
  • Instant replay
  • Display videos and presentations