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AMX offers a suite of innovative control and automation solutions that ensure meetings run smoothly, saving organizers and participants time and effort. AMX control solutions distribute audio and video, reducing the number of electronic devices interspersed throughout a home or business. Our products manage security systems, enhancing capabilities and saving lives. They even adjust lawn sprinklers and temperatures to moderate energy consumption and help save the planet. All this at the press of a button or an icon on a touch screen.

Every day, AMX solutions are solving problems in markets across the globe. Broadcasting, Business, Education, Entertainment, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Houses of Worship, Multi-Dwelling Units, Network Operations Centers, Private Transportation, and Retail all rely on AMX products to run smoothly and efficiently.


  • AMX Building Explorer App  is your guide to solutions that typically integrate into spaces like huddle spaces, conference rooms, and executive briefing suites.
  • Enzo Meeting Presentation System is a flexible platform for meeting rooms that provides Instant On, Instant Access to Content, Instant Meeting Start and Instant Sharing. Enzo makes it easy to instantly access and share information with others in your meeting. Enzo is designed as a flexible platform that can adapt to the changing ways users collaborate.
  • Modero X series panels are an elegant family of control interfaces designed for room control. These AMX touch panels use a combination of touch activated buttons and icons that empower you to effortlessly navigate the system to carry out any required command. If you need to initiate a board meeting, simply press the button, and watch as your wall sconces are dimmed, table lights brighten, conferencing system powers up and all of your satellite offices are brought on screen for instant collaboration. All of your clients names, numbers and time zones are displayed to everyone who is attending. When the meeting ends, a touch returns the room to its original state.

  • Modero S panels include all essential features at a cost-effective price. Advanced control for classrooms and huddle spaces. Modero S panels include advanced features that let users operate AV equipment simply and effectively. The Modero S provides an intuitive, gesture-based interface, perfect for conference rooms, classrooms, or small huddle spaces.
  • RMS Enterprise is scalable client/server based software for IT and AV managers that provides remote management capabilities for AV assets and building systems. It features a user-friendly dashboard making it easy to centralize the management, monitoring, and scheduling of AV equipment, lights, HVAC and other building functions. RMS Enterprise contributes to energy reduction initiatives and extends the useful life of devices. Additionally, IT and AV managers can improve SLA response times and reduce equipment downtime, while improving meeting start times and efficiency with RMS Enterprise Scheduling. RMS Enterprise also features the RMS Enterprise Scheduling module, which improves the efficiency of meeting spaces and technology by allowing users and support personnel to schedule meeting spaces, preconfigure room technology for upcoming meetings, and ensure uptime via automated email notifications and dashboard alerts.

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