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Chances are you’ve heard Biamp audio systems — in airports, arenas, courtrooms, houses of worship, theaters, universities, corporations, and conference centers. Around the world, around the clock, Biamp equipment is delivering, managing and enhancing sound in places where people work and congregate.

Biamp audio systems make human voices and other sounds resonate clearly and naturally by removing echo, unwanted noise and unpleasant frequencies.

Biamp’s unique development process and quality manufacturing allow their products the ability to go into a wide array of applications. Many different types of organizations rely on Biamp and AVI-SPL to deliver their mission critical sound.


With AVI-SPL & Biamp Networked Media Systems, remote systems are combined into a single network that shares processing power and resources. Installations are faster, upgrades are easier and jobs are more profitable. The days of multiple, isolated systems and miles of cable are gone.

Decentralised processing is the key to networked media systems: You can create multiple independent systems tailored to its location. Biamp audio systems allow you to run a more efficient system designed for your specific needs.

    • Devio streamlines the connections between your PC and the audio/visual technology in a meeting room. It also functions as a USB hub, is compatible with major web conferencing software, and includes audio echo cancellation. Watch the video for an in-depth look:


  • Tesira is the first scalable media system for digital audio networking using Audio Video Bridging (AVB). Tesira delivers smarter system modularity, breakthrough performance and boundless expansion potential, with modular scalable I/Os, DSPs and networked end-points, a scalable digital media backbone (AVB), up to 8 DSP cards in a single chassis , and up to 420 x 420 digital audio channels. Tesira means unprecedented power, scalability, sound quality and future-proofing.
  • Audia Digital Audio Platform seamlessly integrates powerful hardware and intelligent software for outstanding networking potential. Biamp is one of the first manufacturers to make use of CobraNet® by integrating it into their Audia DSPs, pioneering its use in high-profile installations. A single Audia unit can power an entire rack of processors.
  • The Nexia line is designed to provide crisp, clear audio in video conferencing or teleconferencing applications. Nexia VC and Nexia TC deliver true 20Hz to 20kHz bandwidth during multiple participant conversations. The entire Nexia lineup — including Nexia CS (conference system), Nexia PM (presentation mixer) and Nexia SP (speaker processor) — is designed with a network-friendly open architecture to help you create economical, intuitive solutions.
  • Vocia is more than the next-generation in Biamp DSPs. It’s a fundamentally new archetype. By leveraging current IT technology, Vocia delivers a superior alternative to the traditional architecture of centralized processing and routing. Vocia’s distributed networked approach gives you unprecedented scalability, flexibility and reliability. Vocia uses standard IP technologies such as CobraNet® to lower the cost and effort of implementing single-site systems, as well as existing IP networks for multi-site installations.

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