Customer Experience

We want your organization to succeed. And we do that by providing collaboration solutions that bring people together and inspire them to create. Technology can be the spark that ignites innovation in your business, and AVI-SPL works to light that spark.

Our process starts with understanding your needs and ambitions, and follows a detailed plan that brings together our engineers, designers, and thought leaders with your experts and stakeholders. AVI-SPL leads this team effort by working diligently through each step of your project and providing the strategic guidance needed to successfully and quickly transform your workplace. That guidance includes learning your goals, deploying solutions, and coaching your employees to use them with confidence.

We’ve seen this partner-focused approach lead to many smiles, victories, innovations, and successes for clients around the world. The proof of that is in the testimonials our clients have offered on our behalf.

Here’s what you can expect when we put our customer experience practice to work for you.

Customer Experience Graphic-Our Approach

  • Align your stakeholders and decision makers (both within and external to your organization) to establish clear goals for your project. Not just regarding its purpose, but also addressing issues like:
    • Business outcomes
    • Budget
    • Timeframes for deliverables
    • Solution design and technology selection
    • User experience and testing
    • Reducing the burden on your IT department
    • End-user training so that systems are used as intended
  • Define the technology, spaces, and infrastructure that will meet your objectives today and tomorrow. To do this, we analyze your environment, discuss with you the outcomes you’d like to see, and complete tasks that illuminate your project:
    • Readiness assessments
    • Consultant recommendations
    • Detailed technology roadmap
    • Standardized system templates
    • System topology diagrams
  • Deploy and integrate your solutions, and — where necessary — bring your infrastructure online. These deployments include:
    • Installation on your premise
    • Hosting in our secure data center
    • Hybrid delivery of the two
    • Detailed timelines with milestones
    • Constant coordination with all parties
  • Support that ensures your solutions benefit your business over the long term. The service engagement plan we develop with you will establish what that support looks like, and can include:
    • Remote or onsite managed services
    • System monitoring and management
    • 24/7 global help desk access
    • Break/fix support and field services
    • Training that addresses user adoption and satisfaction
  • Review, refine, and grow your technology roadmap as your needs change, or solutions evolve.
    • Periodic meetings with you will help determine any need for expansion of the solution or technology refreshes
    • Assessments look at how your organization has changed and what solutions may be necessary to maintain beneficial outcomes and growth

By diligently following each of these steps, we ensure that the solutions and support we provide you are of the highest quality and, more importantly, provide the customer experience that you expect.