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You expect and require a consistent, positive end-user experience of the video collaboration and AV system technology your company has implemented. Managed services ensure that reliability through proactive monitoring of your systems. Such services can extend beyond monitoring and include active management of your video conferencing sessions, so that participants are focused on the meeting, and not the technology.

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Workplace Trends in Managed Services

  • Cloud-based UCC that enables smaller companies to collaborate like the big enterprises
  • More spaces with collaboration technology so that organizations take advantage of teamwork
  • 61% of IT leaders say they plan to upgrade their unified communications and collaboration solutions within the next three years. (2015 Unified Communications and Collaboration Survey, IDG Enterprises)

What We Provide

We give your company the luxury of an extended IT department. From one of our three global Managed Service Operations Centres, we proactively monitor and manage your AV and video collaboration systems and the infrastructure that supports them. With our Symphony® platform, we watch over your AV systems, run diagnostics, launch video calls, and handle the way your meetings are organized, monitored, and managed. Your users can quickly and easily see if systems are active, have pending trouble tickets, and if a conference has launched properly.

Our Remote Managed Services provide you value with:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring of your AV and video collaboration systems to ensure up time
  • Private hosting of infrastructure that you purchase and we deploy in our private data center
  • On-premise deployment of your infrastructure, with our team providing the systems management
  • Management of your video conferencing, including call scheduling and launching, and an on-demand help desk that’s available to you during your video calls.
  • Direct control over the privacy of your video conferencing meeting rooms with Block ME™, our patented device that, at the press of a button, can stop video calls from being launched or received

Our Symphony platform delivers:

  • Web and mobile access to scheduling, monitoring, and reporting functions
  • Remote diagnostics of IP-reachable equipment, plus ability to automatically turn that equipment on and off at preset times
  • Communicator Proxy server for standards-based polling of all IP-reachable AV and video conferencing devices within your network; Communicator Proxy reports back to our Symphony platform in real time so there’s no need for a dedicated circuit between us and your network
  • Management and administration your MCU and non-MCU infrastructure (including daily site sweeps of endpoints)
  • Business Process Automation Module to govern how your meetings are organized, monitored, managed, and escalated

Download our Services brochure for more details on our Remote Managed Services.

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Why Work With AVI-SPL

AVI-SPL offers services that can be tailored to your needs. We will never confine you to a “one size fits all” solution.

With our patented Symphony platform, AVI-SPL is the only service provider that can leverage both the manufacturer’s products and our own tools to give you services that ensure your systems are reliable and work as intended.

Need to modify and/or expand your solutions? No problem — our Symphony adapts without having to overhaul a Managed Services deployment.