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When you think of Shure, think of professional audio systems you can trust. Shure audio systems set the standard for microphones, wireless systems, and other audio electronics that need to perform at the highest level in any environment. Shure is so valued by audio experts, its products have been used in high-profile events like the American Music Awards, venues like the Staples Center, and a wealth of music artists and engineers.


Shure is more than the audio provider of choice for entertainment applications. The company is also a Polycom Technology Partner, with products that satisfy Polycom’s interoperability requirements for systems like its audio and video conferencing equipment.

  • Microflex Advance includes networked ceiling and table array microphones that capture superior audio. It’s been designed for corporate environments, providing the superior audio intelligibility that users expect and need.
  • MOTIV™ digital microphones capture high-quality audio for vocal/acoustic recording, podcasts, YouTube videos, field recording, and more. They feature user-selectable DSP preset modes to ensure excellent audio in any application. By using the preset modes to specify the content being recorded, MOTIV products automatically adjust gain, EQ, and compression for superior audio.
  • ULX-D® wireless systems offer efficient RF performance, network control, and AES-256 encryption for professional sound reinforcement. ULX-D systems are capable of operating in the 900MHz band, so you can experience high-quality audio free of regulatory issues in the UHF TV band.
  • Microflex® Wireless manages lifelike sound in AV conferencing environments like boardrooms and networked enterprises. Components are accessible over Ethernet with Microflex Wireless Control software or third-party controls systems.


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