Virtual Meeting Rooms


AVI-SPL’s Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) collaboration services consolidate real-time conferencing tools – voice, video, content, and web – into a single solution, allowing users to connect anytime, anywhere using any device. We provide a suite of vendor-agnostic VMR solutions designed to fit each client’s unique use and system infrastructure needs. You select the technology partner, deployment model, and payment options that are right for you. Get more information about your virtual meeting room project by filling out our online VMR request form.

Workplace Trends

  • The mobile workforce requires technology that keeps them feeling just as essential to the team as those in a company office
  • Demands for self-service collaboration tools
  • Desktop clients that provide voice, video, text messaging, and desktop sharing from one solution
  • The desire for a simplified user experience with video collaboration

What we provide

By partnering with the leading providers of self-service video collaboration solutions, AVI-SPL delivers the features, deployment options and pricing models that best fit your operational, IT, and financial needs. Our offerings allows you to choose the solution that works best for you. Select from one of four deployment models:

  • As-a-Service Cloud Model: a multi-tenant conferencing environment hosted, managed, and supported directly by AVI-SPL. You buy access to these resources, designed to be used in a conferencing-as-a-service model. All resources – hardware, storage, and network – are owned by AVI-SPL and shared amongst multiple clients. The As-a-Service Cloud option is an OPEX model allowing you to buy VMR access on a subscription basis.
  • Hosted Private Cloud Model: a private single-tenant environment where the hardware, storage, and network are dedicated to a single client or company. You purchase and own the hardware; AVI-SPL stores the hardware in an AVI-SPL data center.
  • On-Premises Model: private deployment where you own the hardware, storage, and network; you handle the storage independently. AVI-SPL Professional Services will install and activate the hardware on site.
  • Hybrid Model: A hybrid software deployment spans the gap between on-premises and cloud. Allows you to add cloud computing resources to your environment without abandoning existing hardware investments. Use both your data center and a cloud service simultaneously while delivering a seamless user experience.

The Value of VMR

    • Single solution for video-web-audio collaboration
    • Connect any standards-based and software-based clients and devices into one call
    • Interoperable with H.323, SIP, WebRTC,  and Skype for Business
    • No reservation needed – easy as making a phone call
    • It’s your personal conference room without walls – available 24/7/365
    • Service-class quality and security
    • Flexible usage and pricing consumption models

As Your Usage Grows, So Does VMR

  • You plan on growing your business. That’s why you can increase your VMR capacity at any time. Add additional users to your plan or select a subscription option with automatic overage so meetings take place on time. AVI-SPL also provides higher levels of service, including HD quality, and remote monitoring and management.
  • See our VMR brochure for more information. To bring the Virtual Meeting Room service into your business, call us at 866-559-8197 or 317-454-0842 (international).

Unify ME powered by Pexip powered by Cisco Meeting Server

PresenceVMR powered by Polycom

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Why work with AVI-SPL

You’ll find plenty of companies that offer self-service collaboration tools. We stand apart because we will work with you to understand how your business operates, and recommend a deployment model that achieves your goals.  And we can build a solution around that deployment, one that includes the design, build, integration, and support of your collaboration spaces. You’ll have a technology road map that plans for future expansion, and the resources to expand the user base of your VMR solution.

Get collaborating today! Fill out our VMR request form to get the information you need for your Virtual Meeting Room.