“The Center’s immersive toolbox gives customers an opportunity to experience Boeing in a way that they have not seen before.”
– Jeffrey Bals, project manager, Boeing Collaboration Center

“AVI-SPL’s reputation in the industry and technical accreditation made it the easy choice to trust with this implementation.”
– Larry McIntyre, project consultant, Acentech

“I always look at AVI-SPL as a partner, not just a vendor.”
– Sherrie Williams, director of executive visit centers, Johnson Controls

“AVI-SPL solves problems, helps us do our jobs, and helps us look good to our clients.”
-Mark McGinnis, IS audio video engineer, Parsons


“As a customer, I believe that communication is so important to a successful project. I can always depend on AVI-SPL maintaining this relationship from start, to finish, and beyond of any given project.”
– Steve Skipp, Director of Educational Media Services, Flagler College

“In working with AVI-SPL, we initially chose the building’s technology because we were striving for the USGBC LEED platinum level certification. What we ultimately found is that we were able to change the way that professors teach, as well as change the way students are learning.”
– Brenda Coto, Florida Atlantic University

“We’ve had a good relationship with AVI-SPL. Their attention to detail is one of the main reasons we chose them for this project.”
– Craig Hoerenschmeyer, project manager, Cranbrook Schools

“AVI-SPL has become a partner with us in education. They are there when we need them.”
– Joseph Martinez, board of trustees, Rialto District Public Schools

“AVI-SPL understood our needs and brought in technology partners to build a solution that met our specifications and exceeded our expectations.”
– Jan Odegard, Rice’s executive director of the Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology (K2I)

“We made the very best decision. AVI-SPL has been phenomenal.”
-Dr. Pamela Boyers, executive director of the Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center, University of Toledo

From the initial sales meeting with AVI-SPL through the product selection, we’ve viewed them as an expert. Never once did we doubt their capability and skills to achieve our end goals.
-Jason Sheffer, director of educational development and services for MidMichigan Health


“Denbury’s owners needed an integrator who could keep up the pace and have the system up and operational on day one of move-in. AVI-SPL fit the bill.”
– Steve Shanks, network engineer, Denbury

“AVI-SPL is always available to assist us and is open to making changes.”
-Amin Ladha, IT systems analyst, Enbridge

Financial Services

“We put convenient technology at our business partners’ fingertips so we can impress our clients.”
– Joe Pappalardo, VP of network services


“In working with AVI-SPL, they have helped us to greatly expand our knowledge and what we can do with video technology.”
– Bradford Brown, Senior Applications Analyst, Minneapolis Emergency Operations Training Facility

“We’re proud of our boardroom and proud of the job AVI-SPL did. The most important thing was that they listened.”
-Arlen Sanders, project manager, L.A. Metro


“Whenever there’s a support-related concern, AVI-SPL’s team has always been there to resolve the issue, and to make sure that we are fully satisfied with the end result.”
– David Stringfellow, Systems Engineer and Programmer, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center + Research Institute

“We were impressed with AVI-SPL’s focus and attention to get it right.”
– Justin Kromelow, CEO, HELP Pain Clinic

“We made the very best decision. AVI-SPL has been phenomenal.”
–Dr. Pamela Boyers, executive director of the Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center, University of Toledo

“Dan did a terrific job on this service visit, and I am very pleased. Dan was knowledgable, attentive to detail, and followed through on details I wasn’t even considering. Northrop Grumman’s New York Solutions Center is tuned up and ready to roll. Kudos to Dan for a job well done.”
–Stephen Cahnmann, Manager, New York Solutions Center, Northrop Grumman


“The staff at AVI–SPL has been fabulous to work with. From the account executive to our on-site contacts, we have been very pleased with their professionalism.”
– Julie Carter, CMP, Director of Events, Hilton Anaheim

House of Worship

“From the first day that I was introduced to our AVI-SPL team, I knew that we had the expertise we would desperately need in the successful transition to our new facility.  In a short period of time – from installation to our first service – I had the confidence to run the technology; due only to the in depth hands on training provided by AVI- SPL.”
– Marc Sprague, Audio/Video Technician, Resurrection Life Church

“AVI-SPL jumped through hoops to get the system up and running before we had to go live. That solidified with us that AVI-SPL is the company to work with. ”
– Steve Bisnett, technical director, Hibernia Baptist Church

Sports & Entertainment

“The best fit for our project was AVI-SPL. I don’t consider them a contractor. I consider AVI-SPL a partner.”
-John Sparks, stadium operations, City of Orlando