Expanding the “university experience” with collaboration technology to meet demand

The rapid expansion of hybrid learning forced universities to integrate collaboration technology into classrooms to create hyflex learning spaces. Not only did this impact how universities think about educating students, but it also shifted how students prioritize the university experience. What was once about campus life, in-person learning, and interpersonal connection is now about dynamic and engaging online learning experiences, with the option of being on campus.

What do students want from a university experience today?

Having experienced remote and hybrid learning styles and steady technology advancements, students have higher expectations for their university experience.

Expanded hybrid learning in the classroom and at home

In a recent study, 82% of students stated that they prefer some form of remote learning. Many university leaders have matched this trend, with only 30% planning fully in-person courses. And that number is expected to drop another 15% by 2025. But the option of remote learning is just the tip of the iceberg.

Gamification – education, design, and training

New hybrid learning capabilities are top of mind for students and administrators. But learning is less about listening to a message. Students want entertainment, efficiency, and immersion.


Outside of learning, students want community, but not in the traditional sense. Universities are discovering that more and more students not associated with a university sponsored program connect through communal technology platforms and competitive video games (Esports).

Job readiness

With continuous industry improvements, job prospects and requirements are evolving quickly.

For example, healthcare, engineering, architecture sectors, and more are embracing advanced visualization technology to simulate environments, design prototypes, and train individuals in-person and remotely.

If recent graduates have not been exposed to the technologies powering businesses, they will have a massive learning curve hindering their ability to get work.

Students recognize this and are signaling to university leadership a need for more forward-thinking learning programs that give them greater exposure to technology they will find in the workplace.

As student demands shift, universities recognize the common element – AV and UCC technologies.

Hyflex AV and UCC technology supports multiple campus use cases

Higher education institutions are pivoting based on these new student preferences by:

AV and UCC technologies are a core component of each pivot point. And it is up to university AV and IT professionals to design, consider, select, and integrate AV and UCC solutions that support each use case. Solutions include, but are not limited to:


Edge AI-Based Handwriting Extraction Technology

By integrating or optimizing AV solutions and UCC platforms, schools can transform classrooms, lecture halls, and more into learning studios with live in-person and remote audiences.

And by adding a flexible AV and UCC infrastructure for classrooms, labs, or simulations, students can learn to connect with and use tech that is commonly used in the workplace.

University of Central Missouri hyflex technology classroom upgrades

UCM updates educational environment with Sony Edge Analytics solution and PTZ cameras

Some schools have already made significant strides in this area. Knowing there would be an increased desire for hybrid learning coming out of the pandemic, the University of Central Missouri transformed its learning environments with AI and AR-powered AV and UCC solutions.

Leveraging AVI-SPL’s collaboration technology integration expertise, UCM installed Sony solutions throughout its campus including:

  • PTZ auto presenter tracking cameras
  • AI and AR-powered handwriting extraction tools
  • Smart video analytics

New intuitive hyflex learning solutions and capabilities will help universities:

  • Enhance the way they educate
  • Impact student learning in new ways
  • Have an extra competitive edge when it comes to retaining and attracting students

And students now have a variety of ways to take in the university experience.

AVI-SPL has the solutions and the contracts to shape your hybrid university experience faster

We partner with colleges and universities to deploy hybrid learning solutions in your schools and across your campuses.

Together, we design, integrate, and manage AV and UCC systems to fit your preferences and vision. And with our state contracts, if you represent a public university, we can help ensure you get the AV technology solutions you want faster, and at a discounted rate.

From video conferencing solutions to leading web-based communication platforms to learning management systems, to large video walls and interactive displays, we can help you build unique hybrid university learning experiences that will attract, excite, and retain students and faculty.

Contact us to learn how we can redefine the college experience at your university.