AV Considerations for E-Sports Gamers and Spectators

In this episode of The Collaboration Space podcast, AVI-SPL invited HARMAN’s Sean Cameron to chat about top AV considerations for E-Sports gamers and spectators in higher education environments.

It’s timely topic since college E-Sports continues to grow. In fact, NAC Esports’ membership roster includes 203 schools. E-Sports is now a varsity-level sport at many colleges too. All those teams and audiences need quality audio visual equipment to get in the game and stay engaged. That’s where AVI-SPL and HARMAN come in.

Watch the AV Considerations for E-Sports Podcast to Learn More

Our E-Sports Podcast with HARMAN Explores:

  • AV considerations for higher education E-Sports gamers 
  • How considerations for spectators differ from gamer requirements
  • Giving teams an edge over the competition with quality audio and video
  • How decision and reaction time factor into to audio and video requirements
  • Live streaming considerations

Attracting Collegiate-Level E-Sports Talent

Cameron also discusses how quality AV that delivers a professional experience helps attract and recruit E-Sports talent.


Watch the webinar for more details and to learn more about HARMAN. Ready to discuss your E-Sports AV needs? Contact AVI-SPL today.



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