Information on the log4j2 exploit from AVI-SPL

At AVI-SPL, we take privacy and security very seriously, including responses to cybersecurity threats and breaches. As you may be aware, there is currently a threat called log4j2 exploit that is already impacting many businesses – the vulnerability sits within a specific Java library that is widely used across a broad spectrum of systems and platforms.

Please rest assured that we’re actively investigating any possible vulnerabilities related to the log4j2 exploit. At this time, we haven’t found any evidence of malicious actors leveraging this vulnerability within our network or our customer networks.

Our AVI-SPL team is working closely with our third-party threat team and vendor partners to alert us of any threats, and for mitigation measures that may apply to any specific technologies. We’ll continue to be proactive in guarding our organization and our customers against this vulnerability and will provide additional updates as needed.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact