Achieving the Wow Factor with Limitless dvLED Solutions

SHARP NEC Display Solutions dvLED

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the world of dvLED and how these displays create an engaging experience for years to come. Rob Zeller is the presenter and has over 20 years of experience in dvLED. He currently leads the Sharp NEC Display Solutions dvLED team in North America. During this 30-minute event, Rob addresses topics like:

  • Applications for dvLED in different corporate settings – including outdoors
  • Where it outperforms other display technologies
  • Your ability to create custom layouts
  • How dvLED drives communication and engagement, including for those returning to the workplace
  • Examples of displays being used in different environments and for different purposes
  • Value of dvLED for its price point

On this last point, Rob covers the advantages of dvLED, including its brightness, total cost of ownership, viewing angle, and viewing distance. You’ll learn about the value Sharp NEC Display Solutions brings in supporting professional installations.

Rob also answers questions that touch on your concerns, including maintenance, installation time, and partners.

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