How Workforce Readiness Programs Attract Students and Prepare Them for High-Tech Jobs

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Hear experts from AVI-SPL and the Center for Digital Education discuss how educational facilities are outfitting their learning spaces to prepare students for high-tech jobs with workforce readiness programs. Our panel shares how implementing innovative AV solutions can help schools stay competitive. attract more students, and prepare graduates for the workforce.  Plus, our speakers share modern Makers Space and distance learning classroom designs.

Workforce readiness topics include:

  • Workforce readiness statistics that illustrate the need for high-tech professionals
  • Percentage of STEM-trained college graduates who work in their chosen fields
  • Essential remote positions, and how companies benefit from offering work-from-home flexibility
  • AV technology solutions for medical training and technical schools

Watch the “Confronting the Growing Labor Shortage: New Approaches to Workforce Readiness” webinar on demand now.

Bonus! Explore additional insights from our webinar panel.

When you register, you’ll also get the “Future-Proofing Healthcare Education” guide written by the Center for Digital Education. You can switch between the webinar and the guide on the top left of the download page.

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