Create Engaging Hybrid Events for On-Site and Remote Participants

video cameraman taping engaging hybrid events

Discover the benefits of virtual and hybrid events for event organizers. Our guide to creating engaging hybrid events includes outcomes such as audience participation, cost savings and keeping attendees healthy and safe. 

Hybrid events have some unique challenges too. You need to create events that stand out from the crowd and engage both remote and in-person attendees equally.

How to Plan Engaging Hybrid Events that Entice People to Sign Up and Show Up

Our “Better Engage On-Site and Remote Participants with Hybrid Events”, guide provides answers to the questions every organization should ask before putting on a hybrid event, including:

How do you:

  • Create a hybrid event that stands out
  • Get people to sign up and show up, both virtually and in-person
  • Encourage attendees to stick around and interact
  • Keep remote participants engaged and help them interact with on-site participants

Don’t forget, your hybrid events need to be more than just streaming a live event for a remote audience. That’s why this guide also outlines the audio visual solutions you’ll need to succeed.

We share tips to create engaging hybrid events to engage even the most video-fatigued professionals. Learn about polls quizzes, virtual exhibits and breakout rooms that use top-tier AV solutions including cameras, microphones and displays,

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