The Digital Workplace and Remote Collaboration in the Post-COVID-19 Era

profile view of woman speaking with teammates over video

While the idea and growth of remote collaboration and work-from-home teams are not new, COVID-19 made working from home a necessity. Some companies had systems that could easily be scaled for a full-time remote workforce, others learned their solutions needed some upgrades.

Read our elastic workplace guide to learn the three keys needed to extend your digital workplace to work-from-home teams.

The guide explores topics including:

  • Scaling collaboration infrastructure
  • Enterprise-class broadcast capabilities
  • Extended security

How Social Distancing will affect the return to the workplace

Many of us are eager to get back to the office and see our colleagues in person. However, social distancing may still be required for an extended period. The guide further explores how video meetings will remain vital to team collaboration and productivity due to these long-term guidelines.

Read “The New Normal: Digital Workplace and Remote Collaboration in the Post-COVID-19 Era” guide now.

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