Ensuring Excellent Hybrid Meetings Without Stressing IT Staff

AVI-SPL Symphony webinar November 2021

Watch the replay of our demo hosted by Commercial Integrator and presented by Laurie Berg. You’ll see how AVI-SPL Symphony helps you deliver positive meeting outcomes while avoiding costly downtime. 

During the demo, we’ll show how AVI-SPL Symphony is the platform that brings it all together to deliver positive meeting outcomes. 

See the latest enhancements and find out how this solution can help cut down on tech support time, including:

  • Triggers: Know what is happening across your environment with triggers configured to your needs before your users are impacted. Save your technical staff time with information to aid in faster resolution. 
  • Automated Workflows:  Want to have a room ready for training, implement a Power Down or Room Readiness daily process, or conduct self-healing within your collaboration estate? You decide the technology scenario, and Symphony does the rest, limiting the need to send a technical resource to a room.
  • Customization:  Symphony works within your standards and processes, utilizing your terminology. Build Room Types that make sense to your end users when scheduling. Set issue and resolution nomenclature that are consistent across your organization. 
  • Actionable Intelligence:  Provide the data that people need, from the tactical steps users and Help Desk personnel require, to the strategic technology forecast and usage management demands.

Watch the demo on-demand recording now. Fill out the form, and we’ll email you a link to watch it.


Watch the On-Demand Demo Now

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