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Five Things to Consider Before You Invest in an LED Video Wall

large video wall showing advertisements to people as they walk by

Video walls are more affordable now thanks to modern technology. You’ll still need a sizable budget when you plan how much your video wall will cost, however. Before you start your project, know the top five decisions you’ll need to make.

Guests from Commercial Integrator, LG Electronics USA, and AVI-SPL share their thoughts in this on-demand webinar to help you create a stunning video wall display. Topics that can affect how you build the wall include types of content and the room environment. We’ll share all five key decisions during the webinar. Don’t miss your chance to watch it now.

Create stunning digital signage with innovative LG LED displays featuring

  • Thinnest bezel available on the market to create virtually seamless digital signage designs
  • webOS Smart Signage operating system that simplifies content management
  • Curvable LED screens which support creative installations

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Webinar hosted by Commercial Integrator and sponsored by AVI-SPL and LG.

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