Get Ready for the Future of Workplace Collaboration


IT leaders from across industries and around the world all agree on one thing: the impact of the pandemic on the modern workplace has been nothing short of transformative. How and where employees work—and the technology they need to stay connected and productive—has fundamentally changed. Addressing these changes is both the biggest challenge and opportunity facing CIOs and other technology leaders today. 

The Challenges and Opportunities of Hybrid Work 
What’s top-of-mind for IT decision-makers in the post-pandemic world?

  • Future workplace: Providing borderless work and distributed operations
  • Meeting equity: Creating a level playing field for remote and in-office employees
  • Interoperability: Deciding between compatible multi-vendor tech or a single stack
  • Employee experiences: Addressing physical, emotional, and motivational well-being and fatigue

Drawn from discussions with AVI-SPL customers, the Frost & Sullivan Perspectives article, “Future of Collaboration in the Workplace” shares perspectives on how to address these concerns and make a successful shift to the future workplace by embracing new technology and operating models. Request a copy today.

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