Choose Collaboration Tools That Make The Most Of Small Spaces

Harman smart room

Huddle rooms and small meeting spaces require solutions that accommodate a small group of participants and enable quick collaboration.

Design Huddle Spaces That Inspire


Today’s workers want the ability to collaborate from any location, anytime. Impromptu meetings—whether face to face or via videoconferencing—is the new normal for today’s workforce.

With less need for large meetings in formal conference rooms, many employees are choosing huddle spaces to collaborate and share ideas. Flexible work practices, like coworking and working remotely, allow companies to devote less space per employee, maximizing their real estate investments.

Modern huddle spaces can significantly increase work efficiency and improve productivity when equipped with the right audio, video, conferencing, sharing, and scheduling capabilities.

In the HARMAN Huddle Space Design Guide, you will learn about technology that solves common meeting issues such as:

  • Conferencing echo
  • Ambient noise
  • Document access and viewing
  • Room scheduling

To learn more about how huddle space technologies are inspiring productivity, complete the form to download the design guide.

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