How Integrators, Manufacturers, and End Users Collaborate on Digital Platforms

Biamp webinar on digital platforms in the workplace
Download the recording of this AVI-SPL webinar, and get tips on how companies like yours can work with integrators and manufacturers on AV projects. Hear expert insight from a panel that includes:

  • David Wolf, Unified Communications Engineer, Capital One
  • Zach Snook, Sr. Product Manager, Biamp
  • Brandon Roberts, Enterprise Account Manager, East, Biamp
  • Susan Milwit, Global Account Manager, AVI-SPL
  • Joe Whitesides, Sr. Solutions Architect/SME, AVI-SPL

During their conversation, you’ll learn about:

  • The client and integrator’s respective roles in a commercial technology project
  • The importance of a collaborative process with regular check-ins
  • Setting expectations for the end users
  • What integrators and manufacturers bring to a project beyond the technology

This webinar also looks at a Capital One project that included AVI-SPL as the integrator and Biamp as one of the main manufacturers. David Wolf and his fellow panelists explain Capital One’s goals for improving its audio, the testing process, and scaling the solution.

During the Q&A portion of the event, guests asked questions including:

  • What does a great free trial or beta testing program look like?
  • How does hybrid work change the way end users and manufacturers work together?

Get the recording for “How Integrators, Manufacturers, and End Users Collaborate on Digital Platforms”

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