Improve Collaboration with Meetings Powered by AI

Cisco Webex meeting room technology to support meetings powered by AI

Video conferencing helped many companies keep their business going through unprecedented times. But video meetings also come with some common barriers and downsides that can jeopardize collaboration and productivity. We can help. Our latest guide explores how smart meetings powered by AI can improve team collaboration and create immersive, equitable experiences.

How Smart Meetings Powered by AI Overcome Video Conferencing Barriers

Smart meeting tools can create productive and equitable meeting experiences for all your employees. Teams can easily connect no matter where they are and who they are collaborating with during video meetings.

Smart meetings powered by AI include these common tools:

  • Virtual assistants with voice command and gesture control
  • Real-time meeting transcription and language translation 
  • Note taking, meeting highlights, and automated task assignments 
  • Participant and company background
  • Background noise and voice removal

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