Microsoft Webinar: Visualizing the Hybrid Office

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Microsoft team members share their insights on what the hybrid office may look like in this Commercial Integrator webinar. We discuss how video enablement is a key ingredient that helps keep teams connected. Easy-to-use collaboration tools must support collaborative ideation, improved work/life boundaries, social connections, access to networks and spaces, and perception of non-verbal interactions and cues.

Meet our hybrid office panel:

  • Jonathan Blackwood, Editorial Director, Commercial Integrator, MyTechDecisions
  • Mehryn Corrigan, Teams Rooms Devices Sales, Microsoft
  • Jimmy Vaughn, Partner Technical Specialist, Microsoft

Our speakers also discuss hybrid office considerations including security, the use of AI and machine learning in Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium, and enabling meeting experiences wherever your teams choose to work: at home, on the go, and in the office.

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